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Burn Fitness is about helping people to transform and deliver results, no matter what your fitness goals or training background is. Whether it is about getting leaner, stronger, fitter or just living your best life, Burn Fitness helps make those goals achievable and even enjoyable.

Health & Fitness Expo

13-16 October 2022

Don't let winter stop you from staying fit and healthy, get to the Health & Fitness Expo at Clearwater Mall. It'll be worth it!

The Health & Fitness Expo 2022 is about to take over Clearwater Mall by storm, and you don't want to miss this. This will be a fitness experience to remember.There will be the best of the best to lead you down the right path to your fitness goals.

So why not join in on the fun? The Expo will happen from Thursday, 13 October and run until Sunday afternoon.

the body achieves

what the mind believes

Danielle Wright

I am a wellness and mindset coach obsessed with helping women improve their body image, and encourage women to embrace who they are.

I help ladies who are challenged by stress to enrich the quality of their lives; to have more energy; to sleep with ease and to feel more in control of their physical, emotional, and mental health.


I was born and raised in Johanessburg, South Africa. At the age of 18, I became a spinning instructor, however, with being an instructor I started becoming obsessed with how I looked on the bike, my weight, crash dieting, overtraining, and binge eating, which I have struggled to shake for many years.

During my studies to pursue another passion of mine. My lifestyle and health slowly started to slip due to gruelling client design deadlines and a newfound love of partying. My well-being took a back seat in favour of working, drinking, junk food, and little to no exercise.

After a few years of declining fitness and health, I took a long hard look at my life and my body and didn’t like what I saw! Slowly, I started to heal the many years of abuse I’d done to myself. I also rediscovered my love of running and fitness again!

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